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We take it seriously

ISKCON of New Jersey's Policy

  • All children are to be supervised by an adult at all times.

  • Children should be informed about the dangers of speaking with strangers.

  • Make the children aware of the areas they cannot go due to safety reasons.

  • It's encouraged to enroll your children in Sunday School in a supervised setting.

  • Children must not run inside any rooms nor outside crossing driveway.

  • ISKCON of New Jersey is not responsible for unattended children.

  • Promote an atmosphere of child protection.

  • Know ISKCON CPO policies, as well as local laws regarding reporting child abuse.

  • Be prepared for an incident of child abuse, regarding the child, perpetrator and community.

  • Arrange annual training for children, parents, teachers, community leaders and other personnel.

  • Help establish ISKCON and Sunday School policies.


  • Manasi Ganga Devi Dasi

  • Vijayshri Yadav

  • Anand Rasa Devi Dasi


Child Protection Office of North America


Please also take care of the children.

They are our future hopes..."

Srila Prabhupada, Letter Nov. 7, 1969

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