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Start at an early age for the most benefit

For kids as young as 3 years up to 12th grade Beginning October thru June on Sundays at 5.15 pm 


Scriptural Storytelling, Gita Discussions, Cooking Workshops, 
Arts and Crafts, Theatre, Dramas and Skits, Debates, Group Presentations, 
Games, Music / Singing (Kirtan), Team Building and more...


Registration is now open for the year 2022-2023! Classes will begin on Sunday, October 2nd.

We offer age-appropriate and meaningful spiritual experiences, foster loving and like-minded
friendships, explore philosophy and create a spirit of fun and joy! Children can expect to engage in lively debates, discussions, cooking classes, team building activities and more!


How many classes are offered?
Four classes:
-    Gopal (Ages 3 years – Kindergarten)
-    Kishore (Grades 1 - 3)
-    Madhava (Grades 4 - 6)
-    Govinda (Grades 7 - 9)


What will students learn?

Students in the Gopal class will explore pastimes related to devotional festivals & spiritual events and also learn the devotional practices.  In the Kishore class, the students will learn stories about the animals that are mentioned in the Vedas and also discuss on the nine processes of devotional service. The Madhava class students will learn about life on other planets, Bhagavatam stories and go over nine processes of devotional service. Students in the Govinda class will do in depth study of Bhagavad Gita.


In addition, students learn Bhagavad Gita verses to present at Gita Jayanti and create their own unique presentations to share with the entire congregation during our annual Sunday School Gala! Fun for all! 


The classes are taught by devotees who are enthusiastic and qualified professionals and educators.

 The classes will be conducted in person at 5pm to 6 pm every Sunday beginning from October 2nd 2022 at ISKCON of NJ temple premises.


Register at


The cost to attend is $125 per child and can be paid through Zelle or Venmo. More information on payment is provided in the registration form. 


The final day to register is Monday, September 26th. Parents who register MUST attend a mandatory Back to School virtual parent meeting in order to confirm registration. Please see registration form for more details.

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