Free Meals During COVID Crisis
Dear friends and supporters,
Although our place of worship has mostly remained closed since March, we have nevertheless distributed hundreds of free meals open to all members of the community every Sunday. This is our way of giving back to the community and helping alleviate some of the burdens faced by people distressed by the economic and social adversities of the pandemic.
By your generous weekly donations we have been able to continue giving out these free meals and want to thank you for your continued support. If you have not already done so, kindly consider making a tax-deductible donation to ISKCON of New Jersey as we battle through the new wave of rises in cases.

Gita Jayanti 2020
ISKCON of New Jersey Sunday School
Hare Krishna! Announcing our Gita Jayanti newsletter.  Please read it here: 

For years, students from all classes have been memorizing and presenting Bhagavad Gita verses and their translations to honor this important scripture in our lives. Even though we were not able to commemorate Gita Jayanti together in-person this year, our Sunday School celebrated it on December 20th. This year, each class was responsible for a different set of chapters from the Gita. Our youngest class, Gopal class, covered chapters 1 - 4, Kishore class did chapters 5 - 8, Madhava class recited from chapters 9 - 12, and finally, our oldest class, Govinda class, presented chapters 13 - 18. The Sunday School Leadership Interns were last. In our newsletter, we invite you to view the Zoom recording below where all of our wonderful students recited their verses, led by their respective teachers: Deepshika mataji, Vrinda mataji, Damni mataji, Prema Rasa mataji, Nalini mataji, and Premananda prabhu. Our Govinda class also wrote realizations to their verses, which can be found on the newsletter page below the Zoom recording information. Please take some time to look at their amazing work. Thank you to students, parents, and congregation members for their support!

Hare Krishna Dear Devotees, 

Thank you for all your kind support and participation throughout the difficult months of 2020. As a Thank You, we would like to send you a free copy (while supplies last) of our beautifully designed 2021 calendar featuring gorgeous photos of our Deities along with pertinent festival and spiritual observance days such as Ekadasi fasting etc.

Kindly use this form to send us your mailing address and we will send out this calendar along with some special prasadam (sanctified food items offered to Lord Krishna).

Thank you

Nilamani Das
Temple President, ISKCON of New Jersey

Makara Sankranti A very auspicious day to give to a spiritual cause.
Any charity made to the Lord on this gives thousands upon thousands of times the return in terms of spiritual benefit and overall auspiciousness. Please take advantage of this day and donate generously. It is especially wonderful that we have an actively engaged construction crew actually working on the new temple building. This is a double rare chance. So please give what you can. The Lord will certainly pleased by our combined efforts if we approach Him together with the fruits of our labor.
 Convenient ways to donate:
Check made out ISKCON of New Jersey or Cash donation given at the temple office (cash receipt given immediately).
Venmo: ISKCONofNewJersey

ISKCON Parsippany Temple - Updates

ISKCON Parsippany temple featured in News India Times newspaper.

ISKCON's New Temple in Parsippany, New Jersey

Your Temple. Your Community.  Together We Can Build It.

Your Temple. Your Community.  Together We Can Build It.


ISKCON of New Jersey has been active since 1981 and is located on a beautiful three acres of scenic and peaceful land. Over the years, we’ve had the wonderful pleasure in serving many communities in different ways that has benefited countless number of society members. We’ve distributed books and sumptuous food (prasadam), provided bhakti yoga training as well as in-depth bonafide spiritual education through various courses, seminars, and events.

Thank you for visiting us online.  Hare Krishna from ISKCON of New Jersey Community!


We can perform a variety of ceremonies for your needs. 

Sunday School

For kids as young as 6 months till 12th grade Beginning October'20 thru June'21 on Sundays at 5.15 pm (Online classes)

Govinda's Catering 

We know what it means to have your occasion go smoothly and as delightful as possible.  We can assure you that our team will meet that objective having years of experience.​​


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It will offer you and your family fresh air of spirituality. 

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