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Gita Jayanti Festival
Please join us as ISKCON of New Jersey for our Gita Jayanti Festival from 6:00 pm onwards on Tuesday December 14th
We will celebrate with recitation of the Gita and Ekadasi prasadam dinner.

ISKCON Parsippany Temple - Updates

We are very excited to share this video showing the incredible progress on the temple construction.

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Dear Devotees, Friends and Well-Wishers,
As you may know, our New Parsippany Temple ( construction project is moving along at a very fast pace and over 80% of the structure of the building is now complete. It is an inevitable success story in the making and we would like to invite you all to be a part of this success with your continued support.
Giving Tuesday link:
Please see the following short videos highlighting our construction progress and some of the media coverage from our Press Conference events.

Over the past few years, by your combined and generous help we have raised and spent over $5.5 million (for land purchase, design, legal costs and construction work).

In recent fundraisers held over the past four months we have raised about $500,000 owing to the overall excitement and momentum of the project. We need another approximately $1.4 million to be able to move into the new temple and start serving the community from this grand location.

ISKCON's New Temple in Parsippany, New Jersey

Your Temple. Your Community.  Together We Can Build It.

Your Temple. Your Community.  Together We Can Build It.


ISKCON of New Jersey has been active since 1981 and is located on a beautiful three acres of scenic and peaceful land. Over the years, we’ve had the wonderful pleasure in serving many communities in different ways that has benefited countless number of society members. We’ve distributed books and sumptuous food (prasadam), provided bhakti yoga training as well as in-depth bonafide spiritual education through various courses, seminars, and events.

Thank you for visiting us online.  Hare Krishna from ISKCON of New Jersey Community!


We can perform a variety of ceremonies for your needs. 

Sunday School

For kids as young as 6 months till 12th grade Beginning October'20 thru June'21 on Sundays at 5.15 pm (Online classes)

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Govinda's Catering 

We know what it means to have your occasion go smoothly and as delightful as possible.  We can assure you that our team will meet that objective having years of experience.​​

The Sunday program will be held from 4 to 6 PM. Here is the new schedule.

4:00 PM to 4:15 PM Tulasi Arati
4:15 PM to 4:30 PM Guru Puja (Srila Prabhupāda Arati)
4:30 PM to 4:55 PM Sandhya Arati (Gaura Arati)
4:55 PM to 5:00 PM Nrsimhadeva Prayers
5:00 PM Announcements 
5:05 PM to 6:00 PM Bhagavad Gita Class
6:00 PM Prasadam Feast

Govindas snacks and Milk Pick-up: 5:30 to 6:30 PM.


If you would like to volunteer, Please click here.